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frAGILE: Is NextGen marketing more marketing than chemistry fr*AGILE: Is NextGen marketing more chemistry than science?

In today’s post-truth society change comes rapidly and unexpected. How do brands speed up their NextGen (Gen Y & Z) marketing strategies to get ready for the new decade? Based on dozens of international expert interviews with senior marketing executives of renowned brands (such as PepsiCo, LEGO, Freitag, LEVI’s, Beiersdorf, Audible, MasterCard, AB InBev, eBay, IKEA, Tommy Hilfiger…) our fr*AGILE bookzine shares insights on brands that bond beyond disruption.

In the past six years I have been researching and writing on Millennials & Generation Z and how both -35 generations are changing society, business, brands and marketing. This year we wanted to confront senior marketing and branding professionals with the impact of this consumer cohort and consumer evolutions and trends that are related to them. We saw how mature markets suddenly became disrupted and how NextGen is challenging industry standards and common marketing practices.

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Some examples: Nivea witnessed a young blogger with 4 million followers in Germany introducing her own cosmetics line and taking 15% market share in a snap. Tommy Hilfiger introduced See & Buy (Tommy Now) to respond to shorter production/imitation cycles from popular discount retailers such as Forever 21. Pepsi (re)introduced Mountain Dew’s Moonshine and 1893 to answer the craft and authenticity trend.

Request your copy of our fr*AGILE bookzine now and discover how consumers today are living in a fast-changing fragile world. A world where facts can be alternative facts, where truth and stability is hard to find, where gender and age is blurring and family structures are unstructured.

But also catch up on NextGen consumer trends such as microfying macroness, life’s a hackaton, Back to the Future and de-materialized ownership.

And finally, in the last chapter we illustrate how brands are introducing agile marketing thinking to keep up with the pace of the new decade: real is the deal; from storytelling to story doing; experiential escapades and cycle looping.

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  1. Deborah Anne Grandinetti

    I’ve been working with gifted inner city teens in Camden, NJ since 1998. I know that the type of teens I mentor will become the dominant population by 2020. This is of interest to me because I am interested in taking my work into a larger sphere.