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Brand expectations on social media Millennials & Social Media: Brand expectations on social media [infographic]

Did you know that, on average, GenYers follow about 12 brands passively and interact with 6? Find out all about Brand expectations on social mediain part 3 of the infographic series by InSites Consulting: Millennials & Social Media (based on a global social media study among youngsters)! Discover the sectors which are most followed by Generation Y, drivers for following a brand and the top 15 consumer expectations from brands on social media.

Most followed sectors

The sectors most followed by Millennials are Media & Entertainment (51%), Fashion & Luxury goods (48%) and Food & Retail brands (48%). If we look at the generational differences between Gen Y & older generations, we noticed Generation Y is more interested in following brands from Media & Entertainment (51% vs 46% among older brand followers), Fashion & Luxury goods (48% vs 42%) and Sports (35% vs 32%). On the other hand they are less interested in Food & Retail brands than older generations (48% vs 56%).

Drivers for following a brand on social media

The number one driver for following a brand online is actual usage of the brand (49%), followed by friend recommendations (33%), online advertising on social network sites (30%) and targeted searches on network sites (30%). Research also shows that 9 out 10 GenYers globally want to help brands improve their offering via co-creation and structural collaboration.

Top 15 consumer expectations from brands on social media

But what do these Millennial consumers expect from your brand once they start following it on social media? Check the full infographic below to find out the top 15 consumer expectations on social media:

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