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Millennials and smartphones Millennials & Social Media: Smart facts on smartphones, apps & m-commerce [infographic]

Did you know that, on average, 60% of GenYers owns a smartphone? The other 40% mainly states that their current phone is doing just fine, that a smartphone is too expensive to buy or that they simply do not need one. Find out how GenYers use their mobile phone in part 4 of the infographic series: Millennials & Social Media. Discover which countries have the highest rate of daily Internet access through the smartphone or what mobile services and apps Millennials are most fond of.

A recent InSites Consulting study among youngsters shows Japan and China are clearly leaders when it comes to daily Internet access through a cellphone with respectively 92% and 89%. The most popular mobile services seem to be related to convenience, contact and entertainment. 52% would like to make small mobile payments with their cell. The apps GenYers install are mostly fun and games, followed by weather forecast, music and video and navigation apps. Australian and Japanese youngsters have the highest average number of apps installed but the Canadians have installed the highest number of brand-related apps.

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3 Responses to “Millennials & Social Media: Smart facts on smartphones, apps & m-commerce [infographic]”

  1. irfan ahmad

    I think there is a typo in your graphic where it says “Australian & Japanese GenYers have the highest number of apps installed” while according to your stats it should be American and Chinese.

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  3. Anke Moerdyck

    Hi Irfan! Thanks for your comment, however the quote is correct. As in US & China, more youngsters have apps installed. And in Australia & Japan, the number of apps per youngster is higher.